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As a patient, you want the best eye care experience possible - and so does Del Mar Eyecare. The better you and your doctor communicate, the better your experience can be. RevolutionPHR streamlines the process of communicating essential information between you and your doctor.

Access your personal data from anywhere

With RevolutionPHR, discrete pieces of your personal eye care data are always at your fingertips. If you are travelling, or away from home and need to know what medication your eye doctor prescribed or can not remember when your appointment is next week, or can not find your latest bill, just log in to find that information.

Save time and stay current with Del Mar Eyecare

Has your personal information changed? No need to call us or spend time updating paper forms at the office, simply login to RevolutionPHR and update your personal info. As soon as you change it, your records will be updated for your next visit. And if you have an upcoming eye appointment, you can complete a pre-examination interview that will help your doctor complete your key history items in your record based upon your answers.

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